Landscape Delivery for DIY Projects

Did you know that Total Landscape Services delivers landscaping supplies to the Quad City area? This makes it perfect for Do It Yourselfers who enjoy working in their own yards without the hassle of getting supplies to their job site. We work with multiple suppliers so we have a wide variety of decorative rocks, soils, and mulch available for bulk delivery. Getting material delivered right to your home not only saves time but it is typically cheaper than purchasing bagged items at the big box stores.

Besides hauling material to your home, we also can haul material off. Total Landscape Services offers landscape dumpster rentals in Davenport, Iowa and surrounding areas in Iowa. This makes it easy to tackle any landscape project and easily be able to dump items into the bin. With the low profile bins sitting near the ground, it make it easy to push wheel barrows or drag tarps right into the back door. Concrete, brick, dirt, leaves, tree limbs, stumps, yard waste, and garbage are all suitable items to order a dumpster for. Be sure to know what items you need to dispose of since some items can not be mixed so a second dumpster will be needed. Call us to order at 563.459.9968 and we can help you determine what is needed for your project.

Cubic Yard Calculator

The calculation provided is usable for any material type, e.g. mulch, soil, rock, etc.

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Why Buy Bulk Material?

Did you know that buying bulk landscape materials in the Iowa Quad Cities from a local company is actually much cheaper that buying from a big box store? Buying bagged mulch or rock is also wasteful considering how much extra plastic is thrown away.

Materials Available for Delivery




Don’t have what you are looking for? Please give us a call as we work with multiple quarries and can get the rock needed for any project!

Note: Quarry and decorative rock can vary in color and shade. The pictures may not accurately show current stock.

How Much Material Do I Need?

Most existing landscape beds will need 1-2″ of fresh mulch added yearly. With newly created beds, it is recommended to cover the soil with 2-3″ of mulch.

For rock, an initial application of 2-3″ over weed barrier is recommend. You do not need to typically add any more over time.

How Is Mulch Used?

Most homeowners get mulch to improve the aesthetics of their landscaping. But it actually has many other benefits which greatly cuts down on the maintenance of the landscape bed all summer. Mulch helps regulate the ground temperature and assists plant in retaining moisture so they won’t dry up or wilt as fast during sun exposure. Having a proper layer of mulch also suppresses growth of weeds and helps prevent erosion. It also makes the yard and curb appeal look so much better.

Decorative Landscape Rock in the Quad Cities

Adding decorative landscape rock around your home or business is a good way to enhance the aesthetics of the building. Landscape rock is also much less maintenance than mulch beds. Before installing decorative rock, be sure to remove any old mulch, level the beds, and install a good weed barrier – then you will be ready to spread rock over top. This will cut back on weeding and having to water the plants. Rock will also help with erosion and dirt splattering on the siding or sidewalks. When it comes to decorative landscape rock there is a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to go with any landscape. Rainbow river rock is the most common decorative rock used in Bettendorf. It features round rocks with multiple colors to help brighten any landscape.

Quarry Rock Delivery in the Quad Cities

Total Landscape Services delivers a wide variety of landscape rocks in the Quad Cities. We have decorative and quarry rock that can be delivered right to your home in Bettendorf or Leclaire, Iowa. Quarry rock compacts easily, making for a suitable base for tackling projects such as driveways, retaining walls, patios, walkways, and more. Clean rock from the quarry is washed so it doesn’t have dust in the rock. This rock is best used for drainage purposes such as back fill for retaining walls, french drains, and permeable patios.

Top Soil Delivered in Davenport, Iowa

Total Landscape Services offers black dirt, fill dirt, and compost delivered right to your home. This makes it easy for any Do It Yourself landscape project. Black dirt and compost are great to add to any garden or planting bed. Compost is a great supplement for your yard as well, and is a natural way to fertilize. If there is any low areas in your yard or around the foundation, top soil fill dirt should be added to help build up the ground level so water doesn’t pool or stagnate.

Landscape Dumpster Rentals Davenport, Iowa

Is your yard in Eldridge overgrown and are you ready to clear it out? We know landscaping projects are a hassle. We can provide you with a dumpster to put your yard waste into. Whether you are preparing for a Spring clean up, an outdoor event, cleaning up after a storm, or just want your yard back, it is easy to rent a dumpster bin in Blue Grass or Durant and put your yard waste in it. You do away with the hassle of waiting every two weeks for the city pick up, loading bags, or trimming limbs and tying them up in exact lengths. This also allows you to clean up at your own pace.

What Is Considered Yard Waste?

Yard waste consists of leaves, trimmed bushes or trees, grass clippings, sticks, stumps, shrubs, dead plants, leaves, branches, and it can also include old firewood or remnants of a shed or fence. This allows you to clean up at your own pace and place waste in the container/dumpster.


The yard waste bin or container cannot have rock, brick, dirt, or cement mixed in with yard waste. You also cannot put trash in with landscape debris. This is due to landfill policies, and since each item goes to a different facility they can not be mixed. Each facility is different and recycles in environmental-friendly manners.

Storm Clean-Up in the Quad Cities

After a storm it is easy to clean up trees, fallen limbs, and pick up brush with our walk in dumpster door for our 10 and 20 yard dumpsters. No need to cut into small pieces and tie or bundle or bag for city clean up crews. This saves you hard work and frustration from having to follow city policies. It gives you a place to pile downed trees so that it isn’t out by the roadside or messing up more of your lawn.

Other Projects

Besides seasonal clean ups, back yard, or lot overhauls consider other projects such as tree trimming or removal or landscape demo; our dumpsters are great for tearing up and disposing of old concrete or tearing out a shed or fence. It is easy and quick to deliver a dumpster to Davenport or Bettendorf or anywhere in the Iowa Quad Cities and surrounding towns.