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Drainage Solutions

We have the experience, equipment, and man power to handle all large and small jobs. Whether you’re looking for storm water management for a commercial property or you’re having lawn drainage installed to resolve flooding, we’re here to help.

We offer:

Drainage Solution Experts in Davenport, IA

Here at TLS we take pride in our drainage solutions. We meet personally with all clients to discuss possible solutions and to find the right fit for their need and the budget. We know there are several options when it comes to drainage solutions and deciding the best one for you can be a big decision. We want to minimize the risk of damage and intrusion of water in unwanted spaces on you large or small Quad City property. Every drainage problem has a solution, and our experts are passionate about helping you achieve the solution for your home or business.

Swale Cutting & Creating in Quad Cities

A swale can be useful in order to manage your storm water runoff. Cutting a swale on your property can reduce the risk of water intrusion in your Bettendorf home or business. Swale is a lower grade change in the earth which allows water to collect in the lower portion. The swale is also sloped to an area for the water to go. Since swales can be built all different sizes, this is a good way to move small and large amounts of water to a controlled area.

French Drains in Davenport, Iowa

TLS offers tiling and French drains in the Quad Cities. We can help remove unwanted water in your yard bringing it back into usable condition. French drains are trenches that have clean rock wrapped in felt. There is a tile at the bottom that slopes the water to where you want it to go when there is a need to remove ground water.

Drain Tile Installation in Bettendorf IA

We can install drain tile in all different sizes to fit your project needs. We can hook train tile onto gutters to collect water directly. We can also install catch basins to to help drain pooling water from undesired area into an area intended for it.

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