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Grading and Erosion Control

Total Landscape Services offers many different dirt work and erosion control solutions in Davenport, Iowa and the surrounding Quad Cities. We have fast response times to prevent soil loss and water pollution. To prevent soil loss TLS installs silt fence, straw wattles, mulch socks, hydro seeding and sod in Bettendorf, IA and surrounding Quad Cities Area. Whether you are a homeowner just looking to improve water drainage throughout your yard or a developer looking to do a finish grade on new a construction site, Total Landscape Services offers a wide variety of dirt work options for the Quad Cities area.

Our grading and erosion control services include:

Seeding in the Quad Cities

Total Landscape Services offers seeding options; traditional or hydroseeding, for your residential or commercial properties in Davenport, Iowa and the surrounding Quad Cities area. TLS can help improve the appearance of your yard by applying traditional seed in Bettendorf, Iowa. In this method seed is applied to the top of the soil by means of a fertilizer spreader or by hand. A more reliable method to help get your yard looking its best is the use of hydro seeding in Bettendorf, Iowa. Hydroseeding uses a blend of seed, fertilizer, fibrous mulch, and water to help the seeds germinate more successfully for proper seed and root development. The mulch mix of hydro seeding act as a layer of protection for the seed as well as helps prevent the seeds from washing away. Whether you are a homeowner that just want their existing yard improved or you are developer who is looking to add some grass to a yard, let Total Landscape Services use their knowledge and expertise to help you reach your goals.

Finish Dirt Grading in Quad Cities

Total Landscape Services is a local landscaping Company in Davenport, Iowa serving the Quad City Area. Whether you’re a home builder or a home owner give TLS a call for finish dirt grading. During finish grading in Bettendorf, Iowa your yard will be leveled, smoothed, and drainage improved. Total Landscape Services will give your yard a descending slope away from your foundation for proper water drainage, as well as fill in other low spots in your yard. TLS uses a Harley power rake attachment for skid steers which is very similar to a rototiller but does not penetrate the top soil as deep. Total Landscape Services uses the power rake in order to loosen the top portion of the soil and separate out rocks to ensure proper seed and root development. Whatever your grading needs are, Total Landscape Services will take care of them with best practices possible.

Erosion Control / Silt Fence Install in the Quad Cities

Erosion Control is extremely important whether you are a home owner or developer. Erosion not only looks bad but it can also cause many problems such as property loss and water pollution. Here at Total Landscape Services, our experienced staff has the knowledge and tools to keep your property as erosion free as possible. Some of the services we offer are sock filters, erosion matting and silt fence install in Bettendorf, Iowa and Quad Cities. Silt sock or sock filters are a low maintenance and cost effective way to try and combat erosion. These socks are typically filled with either wood mulch or straw and come in different fabrics such as biodegradable or heavy duty. Sock filters are typically applied on a downward sloping area and they allow water to pass through while trapping the sediment in the sock. Erosion matting is a good short term solution for soil stabilization or erosion problems. The erosion matt acts as a blanket over loose soil to prevent runoff and help natural vegetation grow to act as a more permanent form of erosion control. Silt fences act as an important barrier at any and all job sites to keep all sediment run off contained. Part of the silt fence instillation in Bettendorf, Iowa and surrounding Quad Cities is to drive part of the fence into the ground in order to prevent and stop all possible erosion runoff. TLS has the knowledge and expertise for any and all of your erosion control needs.

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