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Total Landscape Services has the knowledge to create the outdoor environment of your dreams. We will create a design that maximizes the unique potential of your property; by working closely with you, we aim to gain an understanding of your preferences and your family’s lifestyle. Our goal is to create an environment that aligns with your budget and the ideal environment for your family needs.

Total Landscape Services is a landscaping company in Bettendorf. We offer landscaping services throughout the Quad Cites and surrounding areas including Davenport, Bettendorf, and Eldridge, IA. Whether you would like to add a new appearance to your home with rock landscaping or a perfectly placed brick with landscape edging. We take pride in our work and work closely with our clients and understand what they want, so the end result of our projects is what they pictured in their head, or better.

Landscaping in Quad Cities

Total Landscape Services can Design, Build and Maintain – Outdoor Living Spaces, Brick Paver Patio/ Walkways, and Landscape edging in Davenport, Bettendorf, Eldridge, and surrounding areas. We also do Spring and Fall Clean-ups, provide and install Mulch and Decorative Stone, Tree and Shrub Trimming, and Water Features, and many other landscape jobs.

Whether you have a new home being built and need landscaping from scratch or just want to add to your existing landscaping Total Landscape Services can tackle the job big or small. We want to enhance the beauty of your home and out door living space. We have lots of great back yard ideas that we can turn into reality. TLS can build fire pits for fall barbecues, landscape around a new pool, and build patio or retaining walls.

Retaining Walls in Quad Cities

Total Landscape Services offers cinder block retaining wall design in the Quad Cities area including Davenport, Bettendorf, and Eldridge. We can build all different types of retaining walls and can use the brick/stone of your choice. A cinder block retaining wall is mostly used to get more flat area in the yard. The flagstone retaining wall is meant to hold the soil back. The wall is all about the foundation for it to last and here at Total Landscape Services we understand that. Our walls are built on a completely compacted gravel foundation; this will help the wall from sinking or leaning because it allows the water to drain, not sit under the wall. Also the water can drain from behind the wall to keep the wall standing straight for many years. Total Landscape Services work is made to last and we want the wall to serve its purpose and to look good doing so. Some walls enhance curb appeal. We can build garden retaining walls around trees and along the house. These walls may be needed to have more level soil while planting shrubbery but will also enhance the appearance of your home and yard.

Backyard Landscape and Design in the Quad Cities

Total Landscape Services can design and build patios in the quad cities and surrounding areas. Patios, walkways, and fire pits are great way to transform your back yard to an outdoor living space. With hundred of different bricks and designs there will be the perfect fit for your home and lifestyle. An outdoor patio is the perfect way to bring the family together and outdoor barbecues. Total Landscape Services can do lots of diverse backyard landscape designs. Total Landscape Services is the right choice to landscape your back yard.

When we build our patios, we build to get many years of use from them. Depending on the budget, we can pour a concrete base that the paving stones will sit on. This will help ensure that none of the patio stones will sink down into the yard. If we do not build our patios or walkways on concrete they will be built on a deep layer of compacted gravel and sand. This will ensure proper water drainage so the patio paving stones or landscaping rocks do not sink. Ants can be the cause of patio bricks sinking and it just looks tacky having ant holes all over your patio. To protect your patio from this problem, the sand we spread on the top of the pavers to close the gap will bond together when it gets wet; so it will act like a concert between the bricks but will look like regular sand. This prevents ants from making a home under your patio and will block weeds from growing between bricks. Total Landscape Services ensures that our patio will last and we will take the extra step to provide a maintenance free patio that will last in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas. We can also decorate around our patios with rock landscaping or mulch, landscape edging, and shrubbery.

Water Features in the Quad Cities

Total Landscape Services can design and build water features in Bettendorf, Davenport, and surrounding areas. Water features go great with outdoor patios and can help maximize your relaxation with the soothing sound of water splashing on rocks. We can build many different styles of water features, and offer unique water rock design. Total Landscape Services can build waterfalls, ponds, and fountains to name a few different types of features we can build at your home. Our fountains are built with a commercial grade pump and filter. This will make your water feature last much longer. We make our water features with minimal maintenance, so they are easy to maintain and can be winterized in little to no time.

Skid Steer Work in the Quad Cities

Total Landscape Services offers dirt work and grading in the quad cities and surrounding areas. We have a multi-terrain skid loader. We can do all your skid steer chores, and because we have track skid loader it will not tear the grass up as much and can work in wet, muddy areas. With having a new home or older home you want the water to drain away from the foundation; we keep a descending slope away from the house on all our dirt work/ retaining walks / patios / rock beds projects. We can build dirt berms that will provide more privacy or block the noisy traffic. We also can help with water control that erosion could cause in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas. Whether you want rise up around your house to help water drain away from your foundation or need to level out your yard we can haul dirt or gravel in or out. Total Landscape Services can grade gravel driveways and dump more gravel to cover potholes and puddles.

For Bettendorf and Davenport landscaping call us today at 563.459.9968.

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